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Glengarry Glen Ross

A quintessential, brilliant celebration of incredible talents united by David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize winning script. Despite on the evergreen hypnotism of the “Sales Conference” scene, its placement and impact is too dominant and after undetermined number of watch-times, it hits less and less, giving a viewer long awaited opportunity to explore the other no less deep and significant [...]

Silent Flow of Shapes

Being a true fan of late Modernism and post-Modernism, I have always been fascinated by the level of perfection achieved in commercial and residential works of Richard Meier – one of the most respected architects of our time along with Alvar Aalto, Tadao Ando, and other brilliant few. Each of his white concrete opuses appears [...]

Guns, Laws, and Common Sense

(Photo Wilson Combat)   First of all, to be clear: I am not at all advocating for “everyone has to have a gun” – I am not a blind follower of what you call “pro-gun dogma”. Being intelligent, rational, and mature adult, I am only advocating for the right to own and carry a firearm if [...]


(Photo by Mebilia) He was staring at himself in the mirror… he was staring at himself in the mirror, helplessly trying to bring into focus his mentally projected self-image but instead, he could see only gray, foggy, shapeless substance, the kind of substance that is suppose to be a human. That in itself was not helping [...]


She is an amazing woman. She is the woman I fell in love with from the very first time I saw her… Ah! How rare those moments, how precious. Why… why do they always end? Trying to be an optimist, I think, once experienced, they are trying to free up space for the new ones. [...]


Recently, I have developed a religion fatigue. Growing older, I am starting to recognize one of the most important blessings of my Soviet childhood – forced atheism. All those seventy-something years of Soviet Union, “they” have been patiently and methodically burning out any ideas or memories about heavily religious past of Kiev’s Rus, eradicating centuries [...]

The Conversation (1974)

A low budget masterpiece by Francis Fold Coppola, the film delivers extremely well crafted, slow and carefully unfolding analysis of humanly uninteresting but remarkable for his obsession with privacy professional surveillance expert Harry Caul – the most complex performance ever delivered by Gene Hackman according to many critics. “You see, I would be perfectly happy to have all [...]

Minutes of Ecstasy

(St. Lawrence String Quartet) Getting tired and aggravated by cacophonous instrument tuning, you are loosing meaning of the preparation. You are sitting there, waiting impatiently for opus to begin but instead, you are getting fed these meaningless exclamations of nothing. More and more you are getting saturated by this mis-balanced audio jungle, and sense of [...]