She is an amazing woman. She is the woman I fell in love with from the very first time I saw her… Ah! How rare those moments, how precious. Why… why do they always end? Trying to be an optimist, I think, once experienced, they are trying to free up space for the new ones. At least this is the kind of self-delusion I choose to exercise. But how wasteful and hurtful those ends usually are… No choice, I must let go – dwell on this will lead to self-defeat. No matter how deep we have drowned into this abyss of love, rehabilitation is inevitable. Non si può tornare indietro! Avanti!

I feel blessed and grateful for my Path… not in religious sense but rather as a human being. Surely, I ate my grain of salt but I would never gained this wisdom and sensitivity towards the world around me as much as I did. I have truly loved and have been truly loved – what else can a man dream of? All this male posturing comes down to nothing – only finding yourself in other people’s hearts can bring true happiness, true satisfaction. Every romance, every moment of understanding, every sense of unity, every gaze into each other’s eyes brings nothing but assurance that there is a point in life. My only hope is not to loose this state, this sense of being tuned in…