Recently, I have developed a religion fatigue. Growing older, I am starting to recognize one of the most important blessings of my Soviet childhood – forced atheism. All those seventy-something years of Soviet Union, “they” have been patiently and methodically burning out any ideas or memories about heavily religious past of Kiev’s Rus, eradicating centuries of worship and tradition. Rare followers aside, the majority of the population have been living under the spell of Communism, paying attention mostly to their own achievements or achievements of the country in whole. More steel! More coal! More wheat into the bottomless silos of the Motherland!.. silos of the General Secretary.

Perhaps not the atheism itself – taken radically, it’s no different than any other religion, but rather an ability to review, analyze and agree, partially or fully, with any doctrine… or none. This unclassified set of beliefs really serves well for reality check, adding to personal balance and, at the same time, rendering the affected others as delusional. It almost feels like God must exist for those who lacks enough capacity to develop their personal strength or unwilling to recognize challenges and face the reality on their own, without His helping hand. Seems like not everyone is born be a champion.

And everything would probably be OK if not for the Church. Why in a world would I need often perverted middle-man to talk to God, especially the kind of God that loves everyone? Just as Santa Claus, he is so accepting, so welcoming… he should have no problem talking to me or anyone else, anyone should be allowed to sit on his lap. What a fraud. What a delusion. The finest example of superb mind control. Bravo!